about ekoroof

company and product history:

Ekoroof is a brand and trademark belonging to Ekoroof Limitada, a Costa Rican company. Ekoroof Limited is a privately owned Florida corporation. We have offices in Miami, FL; São Paulo, Brazil; and San José, Costa Rica.

Our product is made from 100% recycled plastic. Our main component is agricultural plastic. By manufacturing our tiles, we help to alleviate the problem faced by individual farms, states, and nations due to the excess agricultural plastic waste that is generated on a daily basis.

History of E K O R O O F in Latin America and the United States:

Ekoroof was born in Costa Rica and has a long history in Latin America, where it has been utilized on roofs for almost three decades with its original formulation. In early 2004, we began research to modify the formula and installation system to enable our product to comply with the strictest quality standards required in the United States, as well as pass the necessary laboratory tests to receive approval for installation of our product in South Florida and the rest of the nation. The testing and certification process undertaken to achieve this goal took eight years!

Since 2005, we've installed our product throughout the USA, all experiencing different weather patterns. Our first commercial application - a restaurant in Wisconsin installed in 2005 - has seen temperature fluctuations from 98°F to -18°F, sleet and hail storms. The first house that we installed in Pennsylvania survived Hurricane Sandy with no damage in October of 2012, a mere two weeks after completion. Our Florida installations have withstood several tropical storm seasons with zero damage, including an Ekoroof installation on an apartment building that was hit by a tornado in January of 2017 and several houses that were unfazed by downed trees during Hurricane Irma later that same year.

We believe that everyone has a voluntary role to play in the cleanliness of our environment, and are not recipients of any sort of government subsidy or assistance, neither in the US, nor abroad.

Ekoroof Mission Statement:

Ekoroof is fully committed to making available an affordable, high quality roofing option for all of Planet Earth’s homes, schools, businesses, and recreational areas by creatively transforming unsightly, polluting plastic waste into a recyclable product with a purpose.

Ekoroof is proud to voluntarily accept the challenge of tirelessly innovating, engineering, and delivering consistent excellence and constant improvement throughout the company while focusing on the environment, thereby helping to maintain a cleaner planet for our precious future to enjoy.

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