benefits of choosing ekoroof

beautifies & protects your home

Ekoroof not only protects your home from the elements, it also upgrades the look of your home and can increase its value, especially when upgrading from asphalt shingles.

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environmentally friendly

What better way to make an impact on the environment than by topping your home with Ekoroof? A 3,000 square foot roof keeps the equivalent of 420,000 grocery bags from landfills, oceans, lakes, and rivers.

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Your new Ekoroof has been designed to withstand winds of up to 220mph, along with hailstorms and debris. Our environmentally friendly tiles meet and exceed Class 4 impacts when installed properly, as specified in our installation manual : Installation Details

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Miami-Dade County Approved

There are several composite products in the market, but only a select few have a Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance. Within those, Ekoroof is the strongest. With one of the strictest building codes in the nation, a Miami-Dade approval means peace of mind.

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financing options may be available

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you may be able to finance up to 100% of the cost of your new roof!
  • There are several Finance Companies providing financing options to residential and commercial property owners for hurricane and windstorm-hardening as well as energy and water efficiency upgrades. These companies offer tax-based financial products; also referred to as PACE, or "Property Assessed Clean Energy".

    Ekoroof is the ideal product for PACE financing, due to its long life, since Ekoroof will outlive the loan.

    Click the PACE logo to contact us and see if you qualify!

benefits at a glance

  • Impact resistant, can walk on it
  • Lighter than asphalt shingles
  • Our roof tiles are made from recycled plastic
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Did we mention virtually maintenance-free?